Thomas Theodore

“Listen to your coach(s), and don’t let numbers lie to you. I learned so much, everything is negotiable, put everything in writing and do not get emotionally attached. Have fun, and don’t stress too much. Be prepared to juggle money and use multiple sources if needed.”


Steve and Mary Soderquist

“All our rentals are working, first fix and flip done – looks like net $40K, not bad for the first rodeo. First multi-unit in the works, three or more offers out there. We continue to grow in our business and the program from mining realtors, properties, buyers and sellers daily, to keeping up on webinars…

Bryan and Maira Segal

“My wife and I started this program back in August of 2014. Although a little skeptical, we already had a little success in real estate and wanted to take it to the next level. This program has done EXACTLY that! After attending the classes and doing some webinar classes we hit the ground sprinting! This…

Eric and Sheila Rutledge

“Work quickly toward finding another source for deals besides the MLS. Lots of looking but not enough profit.  Check out your contractors references.  Talk to their workers if you can.  We learned much from them.  On our second house we are using a different contractor.”


Mike and Kellie Kellner

“Going through the training and coaching, I was antsy to get started.  We had put in about 28 offers. After talking with Randy and telling him my frustration, he encouraged us and we felt it was just time to take the leap.  We paid more for this house than we should have, but I do…