Success Path Student Success

We have had successful students from all walks of life, in all different age groups from very different backgrounds. The key indicator of success is not where or what you’ve come from, but how determined you are to succeed. Success Path Education offers its students the very best in real estate education – however it is up to you to take action and put these into action. The deals aren’t just going to find you and then magically close themselves. As Bruce Lee once said “knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” Your willingness to take massive action is the greatest indicator of your success.

Here's What Our Students Say

Updated November 2016

Coaching & Mentoring

Success Path Education currently has 12 real estate coaches conducting over 750 coaching sessions each week to students all over North America. Their coaches have over 350 years of combined real estate investing experience providing world class coaching and mentoring to students helping them start, build and expand their real estate investing businesses. They conduct weekly group webinar presentations to large groups of investors on all topics relating to real estate investing and wealth creation offering specialized support to help students make offers, close deals and profit from their efforts.

Graph on the success rates of students who have made a number of offers.
Graph showing how long students take before making offers.